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The 20+ Plus Club

As the leading company in the United States for dental school admission and preparation services, our expert team knows exactly what it takes to turn your application into an acceptance. With nearly 10 years of proven results and students in almost every dental school across the nation, you can confidently trust in your decision to partner with the iPrepDental team to prepare for the rigorous process of becoming a dental student.

  • iPrepDental has the highest DAT course average across the nation with Sciences score average of 22, and an overall DAT score average of 21.6 preparing over 600 students each year.
  • 90% of the students who have completed our DAT Prep Program have scored within the top 10% in the nation and have become a part of iPrepDental’s “20+ Club”.
  • iPrepDental’s expert instructors have all scored a 24 or above on their DAT.

OAT Students

iPrepDental’s expert team can effectively prepare you to success on the OAT. Contact us to learn how you can join our former OAT examinees in scoring should be 98th percentile on the OAT!

The difference between our competitors and us is that our DAT Prep Program is structured and developed by trained educators who understand that in order to get “20+" on the DAT you need to know how to solve the problems the FAST way, and not always the RIGHT way, utilizing expertly developed tricks and methods.

iPrepDental’s DAT Prep Program is not just another DAT prep course. Our program is precisely developed to not only teach our students all the information they need to answer each DAT question, yet rather equip them with methods and strategies to answer the questions FAST and EFFECTIVELY..

iPrepDental’s comprehensive DAT prep curriculum is composed of:

  • Expert developed study notes covering each section of the DAT, methodologically designed to ensure that our students are learning the encompassing content efficiently and effectively.
  • Blended learning techniques utilizing the best software components and DAT practice questions available.

Recommended by Multiple Dental School’s Dean of Admissions,
iPrepDental’s 8-Week DAT Prep Program Features:

  • A daily schedule, that will monitor your progress, compare you to other students and will be effective in breaking down the hardest concepts on the DAT into their simplest form
  • Over 50 hours of prerecorded lectures with detailed study notes covering each section on the DAT
  • Over 18 full-length practice tests, hundreds of quizzes, and practice questions throughout the course to monitor each student’s progress

Enrolling in iPrepDental’s 8-Week DAT Prep Program:

  • iPrepDental offers flexible payment plan. The program deposit is only $500, and the full price of the course is $1700. We understand that the dental school application process is expensive; therefore, we offer a 2-month unlimited payment plan to pay theremaining balance.
  • As an iPrepDental student, you will also receive dental school advising at no additional cost,a discounted rate on personal statement editing services performed by our skilled editors, and preparation for your dental school interview with our expert team of dentists.

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*In order to become a part of iPrepDental’s “20+ Club”, you must score an average DAT score of 20 or above in the Sciences.

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