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iPrepDental's Dental School Interview Preparation:

Dental schools are becoming more rigorous and competitive every year. In fact, the number of applicants significantly increases every application cycle, resulting in higher prerequisites and expectations. Dental schools now have the privilege of cherry picking from a larger talent pool. Therefore, today more than ever, you need that extra edge to stand out and get noticed at your dental school interview. With iPrepDental's winning strategies, you will develop a competitive advantage and significantly increase your chances of getting into the dental school of your choice.

Our dental school interview preparation is specifically customized to you. Based on your dental school application, GPA, and DAT scores, our dental school interview experts will prepare you with unique and sophisticated responses as they mock interview you using authentic dental school interview questions. In addition, we will also provide you with an interview thank you letter and winning tips and strategies to make sure that you stand out above the rest!

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The Challenge

All students who have been invited for a dental school interview are considered qualified by the school to which they have been invited. However, in recent years, most schools have interviewed three to four times more applicants than the number of available acceptances they actually have to offer. While you may have a competitive GPA, DAT score, and overall application, if you do not interview well, you may get rejected or transferred to their waiting list. On average, only about 30%-40% of interviewed students are accepted and we want you to be one of them!

The Dental School Interview

The dental school interview is usually about 20 minutes long. This brief meeting is your sole opportunity to convince the interviewer why you deserve to go to dental school. You should prepare a strong, well-organized, and unique presentation of your abilities, as well as your reasons for becoming a dentist. In addition, this is the time to clearly explain any weaknesses in your application. Remember, the interview is the last step in the process of being accepted into the dental school of your choice, and high GPA and DAT scores are not sufficient without a successful interview. Make sure to prepare to the best of your ability - get help from the iPrepDental experts.

Our Winning Strategies

After interviewing literally 100’s of dental school applicants over the years, we can tell you that most students do not interview well. With over 10 years of experience in preparing students for their dental school interview, and over a 97% success rate in getting our clients into dental school, we offer a one-of-a-kind customized mock dental school interview prep that will help you stand out during your interview.
Our experts will begin by sharing with you what essential characteristics dental school interviewers are searching for in an ideal candidate. Next, based off of the specific school(s) that you are applying to, we will customize your mock interview to effectively prepare you - since every school conducts their interviews slightly differently. Our interviewers will then guide you in developing unique and sophisticated responses to authentic dental school interview questions; as well as teach you how to convert and convey your application’s weaknesses into positive advantages. Throughout the entire interviewing process, iPrepDental is here to fully prepare you to shine and win your dental school interview!

Acing the Interview

iPrepDental’s mock interview preparation is completely tailored to you. We will develop the entire mock interview process based on your GPA, DAT score, extracurricular experiences, and the most common questions asked by the school in which you are preparing for; all simulating the actual interview. Using our techniques and proven winning strategies, you will gain the confidence and knowledge that you need to ace your dental school interview.

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